Having a job you are happy and satisfied with and enjoying going to every day is the key to maintaining your happiness. If you have a job you absolutely despise and hate with a passion, then it will directly affect your happiness. So, overall having a job you are passionate about or overall enjoy, will have a very positive outcome on your happiness. Still, if you don’t feel that way about your job, then it will have the opposite result on your happiness.

Having a Job You Enjoy

A job you enjoy working at is the key to staying happy, and that gives you the drive to wake up in the morning and go to. Jobs are our primary source of income and something we have to go to every day to spend a minimum of eight hours at. When you are working in a job environment that you enjoy, then it is something you look forward to every day.

Having a Job You Dislike

Everyone wishes they could have their dream job or that their primary source of income will be something that they are incredibly passionate about, which is not the case for many. So, they have to settle with whatever job they can get their hands on, to make ends meet and survive in life.

Unfortunately in life, everything is overpriced and expensive, so you have to take whatever job comes up to survive, have food and a roof over your head, meaning not everyone can take time to try and find a job they would dream of having or of turning a passion into a dependable income.

Overall, having an occupation that you absolutely hate with all your heart that you have to attend every day will affect you in your personal life. Being unhappy in one setting can affect the other.