The first thing any individual has to determine is what does being happy mean. Everybody has their own requirements for this. Some feel they would be satisfied if they could get married and have kids. Others think they would be happy if they were free to travel the world. Determining what will make a person happy allows them to set goals in life. They have power over their happiness and don’t realize it.

Assessing the Situation

There are several questions that an individual should ask themselves when it comes to determining their happiness which include:

  • Do they know how to keep themselves happy?
  • Are they aware they can develop skills that will boost their happiness?
  • Are they able to balance their work-life with their personal life, so happiness flows across them both?
  • Does the individual feel good about themselves?
  • Are they positive thinkers?
  • Can they control their moods of being down or feeling sad?
  • Do they live in an “I wish” world or are continually feeling sorry for themselves because of what they don’t have?

The answers to these questions, along with several others, help an individual to assess really what their happiness level is. If it’s not where they would like it to be, then only they have the power to change it.

Leaving Power To Circumstances

It is not uncommon for people to throw in the towel and accept whatever life throws at them. They forget that there are many paths in life. The exciting news is that every individual has the choice of which path they want to take. If they take one and it’s leading to a dead-end, then they have the power to turn around and choose another one. What often happens is when they reach that dead-end, they remain there. No longer moving in any direction and before long unhappiness grabs hold and put down some strong roots.