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Board of Directors

CONNECT for Mental Health is a not-for-profit peer support organization run by and for individuals who have been affected by mental illness. CONNECT has been providing peer support since 2007.

Barb Frampton Interim Chair BIO |   email Barb Frampton

Jim Dean, LL.B. General Counsel BIO | email Jim Dean

Julie Anderson Community Engagement BIO |   email Julie Anderson

Donna Kasubeck Treasurer, Creative Programs BIO |   email Donna Kasubeck

Alexa Chomat Marketing BIO |   email Alexa Chomat

We are looking for You Youth Group Facilitator, Fundraising Coordinator, Volunteer Management

Director Responsibilities CONNECT currently offers six programs that require oversight and direction. Responsibilities will include: program management; resource acquisition; and program evaluation. Recommending program goals and policies; framing decisions in context of CONNECT’s mission and strategic vision. Bringing the board timely information on program’s status; leveraging external connections to support the organization. As a director, you will oversee a committee which includes: the coordinators; group facilitator(s), volunteers, and members. You will work with the committee to achieve program goals. Who can be a director? A director must meet all of the following qualifications:
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • not have been declared incapable by a court in Canada or in another country;
  • be an individual (i.e., a corporation cannot be a director); and
  • not be in bankrupt status.
Requirements for Board Members
  • An individual with personal lived experience of mental illness
  • Knowledge about mental illness and mental health
  • Health/Business related post-secondary education (or enrolled in)
  • *Education, experience. and skills related to the position you are applying for*
  • Knowledge and belief in recovery
  • Good time management and organizational skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Great group management skills
  • Great ability to problem solve

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CONNECT for Mental Health Inc. 536 Queens Ave Unit 202, London, ON N6A 4V3

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