Recovery is Possible. You are not alone.

WELCOME to CONNECT for Mental Health. CONNECT is a not-for-profit peer support organization run "by and for" volunteers, who are individuals who have lived experience of a mental health or addiction issues. CONNECT has NO paid staff. Services and supports provided by people who have "been there, done that", can often help people in navigating the recovery journey. Peer Supporters provide evidence that recovery is possible!

What is Peer Support?

Ontario Peer Development Initiative defines peer support as follows:

Peer Support is a naturally occurring, mutually beneficial support process, where people who share a common experience meet as equals, sharing skills, strengths and hope; learning from each other how to cope, thrive and flourish.

Formalized Peer Support begins when persons with lived experience who have received specialized training, assume unique, designated roles within the mental health system, to support an individual’s expressed wishes.

Specialized Peer Support training is Peer developed, delivered and endorsed by Consumer/Survivor Initiatives*, Peer Support Organizations* and Patient Councils, and is rooted in principles of recovery, hope and individual empowerment.

* Consumer Survivor Initiatives and Peer Support Organizations are community-based, self-help organizations run by and for consumer/survivors.

Please Note: The above definition of peer support was developed through the focus group/workshop/piloting process of creating the OPDI Peer Support Core Essentials™ Program.  A draft definition was workshopped with OPDI members in 2010, further refined by a member working group, then adopted by electronic vote of the membership.  This definition was taken from this page, on the OPDI website.



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